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Over the years now we at autotransport.com have worked relentlessly to make it possible for our clients to enjoy convenient and reliable car shipping services. We offer our clients in need of car shipping services a whole lot of quotations to enable them to pick only the services they are most comfortable with. This maintains a high level of flexibility since we do not subject our clients to those quotations we might feel suits us better. Transparency and communication between us and our clients are given our utmost attention. We have all our operations laid on the table and our processes aligned to our clients in a very easy manner. Our clients can make orders with us to have their cars delivered with a click of a button.

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The executive subcompact Lexus CT is an electric hybrid car designed by Takeshi Tanabe. It is a product of Toyota, Lexus, it’s fully equipped with a 1.8-liter engine with an ECTV automatic Transmission. The vehicle has also undergone three facelifts to give it a more relatable look for the era. The magnificent Lexus CT is an award-winning model. The vehicle was recognized as the best Small Car over $35,000 in 2011, the hybrids winner Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency 2011 and the Grand Prix for the best safety performance.

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We at autotransport.com offer both single and several Lexus CT shipping services all at a go. We have all the trailers and carriers at our disposal. Our team of logistic engineers is always at a standby to study the situation and come up with the most convenient way of shipping. Our experts are informed and keep records of previous Lexus CT shippings to use in effecting future shipping processes. Our handlers on the other hand are very thorough when inspecting our clients Lexus CT and very gentle when loading them on and off our trailers. We have a research team that alerts our shipping drivers in case of any changes in the highways and routes already conceived in our plans. Call us today.

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