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We are a team of licensed logistical specialists handling the transportation of different car models, including the Chevrolet Express. We have been in the auto transportation industry for more than a decade now, during this period, we have shipped different Chevrolet car models. One of the many Chevrolet models we have shipped across the country includes the Chevrolet Express. Through the repeated shipping of different cars, we have different manufacturer’s manuals in check. Our logistical specialists and a team of staff are handpicked from the best in the automobile transportation industry. With the help of our affiliates and agents across the country, we are extending our Chevrolet Express to the remotest parts of the country.

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Along with its mechanically indistinguishable counterparts, the GMC Savana, Chevrolet Express, is manufactured by General Motors and made under Chevrolet. The GMC Savana and the Chevrolet Express, which utilize the GMT600 platform, were both a welcomed change compared to the previous van. The GMT600 featured an impressive new central port injection for the V6 and V8, and improved handling performance adapted from the GMT400, and full-body frame construction. The 2017 model came with an added 2.6L Duramax diesel engine while the 2018 model featured a 6.0l ENG/LPG capable engine.

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