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With the best trailers in the business, your Cadillac vehicle transport is better entrusted to AutoTransport.com’s car haulers. Our oversize load requirement handling capability car carriers are sufficient for a single or a couple of Cadillac vehicles, which are picked up within the hour from any US, Canada, or Mexico location. Call right now for a comprehensive free quotation that does not hold you to any obligation.

The AutoTransport.com Cadillac vehicle consignment is under the tutelage of over ten year’s nationwide trucking experience. Our extensive fleet that accommodated your Cadillac vehicle loads will meet expectations as far as your service specifications allow. We may contain the Cadillac cars properly load in ways to maximize securing efficiency.

With Cadillac vehicle transports, the limit for the number of mainline product and operation haulage are limitless. We employ expert logistics specialists who utilize state of the art technology to keep track of your cargo countrywide. Contact AutoTransport.com now to initiate your Cadillac vehicle transport within continental North America today.


1. Scheduling the Pick-Up

The Cargo-Loading Overseer continuously keeps tabs on the progress of the shipment. Ensuring the highest quality service.

2. Transporting Your Cadillac

The Driver and Crane Loaders each play a crucial role in making sure the routes and deliveries are completed in a timely manner.

3. Deliver to Your Door-Step

The Logistics Manager ensures communication with the customer is efficient and the allocation of resources is according.


Supreme Service Transport for Your Cadillac Cars With

Expert Cadillac vehicle handlers from AutoTransport.com will have your load on the convenient transport that reflects cost and time efficiency. Service details that include route plans and cargo scheduling will be accorded at affordable rates. A logistical manager will dispatch the correct trailer and crew to handle the specific requirements of your Cadillac cars and any permits for inter country or cross-state shipping sourced on your behalf.

Your engagement of AutoTransport.com specialized transports for your Cadillac sedans, SUV, or estate wagons will give you confidence beginning with our integrated customer reception.

Cadillac Models
We Currently Ship:

  •         Cadillac Model S
  •         Cadillac Suburban
  •         Cadillac Fleetwood
  •         Cadillac Phaeton
  •         Cadillac 355B V8 Sedan
  •         Cadillac Series 70 4 door Convertible V8
  •         Cadillac Series 75 town car
  •         Cadillac 90 Town Car
  •         Cadillac Eldorado
  •         Cadillac Seville
  •         Cadillac DeVille
  •         Cadillac SRX
  •         Cadillac DTS
  •         Cadillac CTS
  •         Cadillac CTS-V
  •         Cadillac SRX
  •         Cadillac Escalade
  •         Cadillac ATS
  •         Cadillac XTS
  •         Cadillac CTS
  •         Cadillac ELR
  •         Cadillac ATS-L
  •         Cadillac ATS-V
  •         Cadillac CTS-V
  •         Cadillac CT5
  •         Cadillac CT6
  •         Cadillac Escalade
  •         Cadillac Escalade ESV
  •         Cadillac XT4
  •         Cadillac XT5
  •         Cadillac XT6
  •         Cadillac Allante

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Cadillac is GM’s division of American designed and manufactured luxury vehicles with over 37 major markets globally, and its cars are at the top of the luxury build within the US. Named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, Michigan, where the remnant henry ford company on which GM was founded is based. The Cadillac logo is reminiscent of de la Mothe’s coat of arms, and the car already had an established luxury market as early as 1909 in America.

Cadillac vehicles set the standard for innovation with their foundational technological advances such as the full electrical systems, crash-less transmission, and V8 engine. A reliability test in 1908 won the first UK’s Royal Automobile Club Dewar trophy for an American car and again in 1912 for producing vehicles with lighting and electric ignition.


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