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By repeatedly shipping the Lincoln MKZ, we have perfected every aspect of shipping the vehicle. Different car models require different shipping procedures. In some cases, the manufacturer leaves behind manuals on how the car should be handled when being hauled. We have all the relevant details to make the shipment successful. We are committed to bringing the best services to our clients, that’s why we offer personalized car shipping services to clients in the country and beyond. When shipping the, we advise our clients in some ways they could make the transport operation easier. For instance, by servicing the vehicle to check for any defects, our team of coordinators is saved the time used to make the checks themselves. We work with certified mechanics who oversee the maintenance of vehicles and trailers.

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The Lincoln MKZ is a five-passenger four-door mid-size sedan from Lincoln, a division of Ford Motors. MKZ has traded under the Zephyr brand in the 2006 car models and as MKZ in 2007 to present car models. With two generations in its lineup, the car has an electric/hybrid model and a gasoline model. The vehicle was manufactured at Ford’s Hermosillo and Stamping Assembly in Mexico. The production of the car is expected to be disbanded toward the end of 2020. The first generation of the car was from 2006 to 2011 while the second generation has been manufactured from 2013 to present.

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Delivering the Lincoln MKZ requires attention to detail. Our coordinators are responsible for planning every aspect of the operation down to the minutest detail. The weather and traffic conditions in different regions are monitored thanks to the help of our affiliates strategically positioned in different locations. When clients book our services to transport the Lincoln MKZ, we ask them for the pickup and delivery address. All the sensitive information is kept securely in our database. We value our clients’ privacy, which makes us the most trustworthy and transparent car shipping company. Our rates are all-inclusive and do not bear any hidden costs.

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