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We have a wide range of car transport services in our catalogue. Amongst our comprehensive car shipping services is the Lincoln MKS car transport. We have been handling the transportation of different car models during our many years of operation. As the years go by, we have perfected the art of customer satisfaction. Our customers are only billed once the cargo has arrived at its destinations. We work hard so our clients can receive their shipment on time. When shipping the Lincoln MKS, we understand that time is vital in the automobile transportation industry, that why we strive to make each delivery before the stated deadline. At autotransport.com, we do not charge extra for any shipments made before the stated deadline.

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Autotransport.com has had the privilege of shipping the Lincoln MKS during our previous operations. The Lincoln MKS was a full-size executive sedan that was manufactured and traded under Lincoln, a division of Ford Motors, from 2009 to 2016. Lincoln MKS was first unveiled to the market in the 2007 LA Auto Show, and the first units were to be produced in 2009. Sales of the vehicle units started a month later. The MKS was the second model from the manufacturer to adopt the “MK” naming system and the first to run with it throughout its production life. Our services ensure each Lincoln MKS is handled according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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We understand that it takes communication between different teams involved in the process to make the whole operation successful. We have been shipping different car models across the country efficiently, and the Lincoln MKS is no exception. We have been accumulating resources over the years to come up with streamlined services. As we cross the country to make the Lincoln MKS deliveries, we keep track of the different routes to use to make the operation smoother. Our agents work round the clock to ensure that shipments are made on time and securely. We also take precautionary measures by obtaining insurance covers on all Lincoln MKS shipments.

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