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We have been handling the shipment of cars across different states for more than two decades. During these years, we have been privileged to ship the Lincoln Mark. When shipping the Lincoln Mark, we always provide constant updates on the progress of the shipment to our clients. This is done by use of our state of the art website. Moreover, clients can review and offer recommendations on the quality of our services. We constantly monitor the feedback given by our clients and use it to improve our service delivery. Autotransport.com always prioritizes the needs of the clients. That’s why we offer multiple quotes which offer different packages.

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The Lincoln Mark is a series of luxury vehicles that were produced by the Ford car manufacturer. The company adopted the series of Mark cars in 1956 after the Lincoln Continental was replaced by the Lincoln Mark 2. In the years following up to 1960, the Mark 2, 4, and 5 were marketed by the Mercury Edsel Lincoln division. After the hiatus, the Mark Series was once again relaunched with the Lincoln-Mercury being the flagship. The car was manufactured until 1998. The Lincoln-Mercury had six generations up to the time it was disbanded. The Mark Series was a flagship for the Lincoln Company. It was primarily manufactured as a two-door coupe. All the vehicles in the Mark Series shared the same platform as the Ford cars. After 1998 the Mark Series was discontinued, and replacements were not made.

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At autotransport.com, we accommodate a wide range of budgets for clients looking to ship the Lincoln Mark. We have been working day and night to make each transport endeavour successful. Working behind the scenes to oversee the smooth transportation of the vehicles are affiliates strategically located across the country. We strive to beat all deadlines. Whether you need your Lincoln Mark transported within the same state or across the border, our expert has the skills to make it happen. Call us today for more Lincoln Mark shipping information.

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