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We have a wide range of resources dedicated to making the shipping of the Lincoln Continental a success. Our agents and affiliates work together to ensure each client gets their money’ worth. During the transit of the Lincoln Continental, we ensure the client is continuously updated on the progress of their shipment; that way, they can help make the transportation operation smoother by preparing to receive the Lincoln Continental when the shipment is close to the drop off point. We make Lincoln Continental car shipping at your convenience. You can chat with one of our agents on autotransport.com website for more information.

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The Lincoln Continental is a series of midsize and full-sized executive cars produced by Lincoln, a division of the American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company. The vehicle was manufactured after the announcement of a personal car for Edsel Ford who commissioned the making of the coach built Lincoln Zephyr convertible. The vehicle was manufactured to attract more buyers interested in purchasing the Lincoln vehicles. The car was given a European exterior finish which gave the car its name. The European “Continental” styling elements consisted of a spare tire mounted at the back of the car. The production years for the vehicle include 1939 to 1948, 1956 to 2002, and 2016 to present. The car has undergone five different model years during its lifespan. The manufacturer has created ten different generations of the car. The Lincoln Continental has served as the flagship and the base trim sedan for the manufacturer during its 55 years of production. We ship the Lincoln Continental at affordable rates.

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The Lincoln Continental requires planning to see the process through. Our experts work diligently to make the shipment a success. Our massive client base looks up to us to make the transportation of the car on time and securely. Thanks to the extensive fleet of trailers and carriers at our disposal, shipping the Lincoln Continental comes naturally to us. We offer free consultation services to all clients. Call us today on our toll-free number for more information.

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