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Before your cargo is dispatched, the AutoTransport.com team will make sure to do standard checks on your vehicle. This is to ensure the car is indeed Infiniti QX60, and it is in good condition. Acquisition of the necessary paperwork, such as valid insurance, is also done to secure your shipment throughout the journey. The vehicle is then loaded onto our carrier, ready for transport. Our drivers in hand with the handlers will hit the road as soon as possible to ensure your car is delivered on time. The team may need to make a stop at several stages of the journey to check whether your shipment is intact. We make sure to let you know whenever they stop.

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Infiniti QX60, previously known as Infiniti JX till 2013, is a middle-sized SUV luxury car having a seven-seat system. Japan Nissan Automaker manufactures it under the Infiniti division. The 2020 Infiniti QX60 car is one of the models that autotranport.com has shipped. The vehicle has an economic engine that is robust to cater to your daily traveling needs efficiently. Infiniti QX60 has a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters and a horsepower of 295cc. The engine is also incorporated with an auto clutch transmission and offers smooth acceleration.

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We ship vehicles at affordable prices to help you save some penny from the overall transportation of your car. As a measure to further protect your vehicle, during the shipping process, we service the carrier multiple times. Your car is equally vital to us as it is to you. The pressure of the trailer wheel is checked, and straps tying your car refastened. We have been the leading freight operations company shipping different car models to clients around the world. One of our primary goals is the client's best satisfaction in every delivery we made. We are committed to performing your task right. With our experienced staff, we can efficiently and conveniently execute any delivery on time.

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