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You have to provide the pick-up and drop-off points, and AutoTransport.com shall transport your Infiniti M on a timely basis. We have been shipping various luxurious cars with Infiniti M included. We know how to professionally handle your vehicle from the loading to unloading at your location. With the number of deliveries made, shipping the vehicle comes naturally to us. Our drivers understand the seriousness with which your car deserves to be treated. No mistakes or mishandling can be tolerated. We also provide our clients to raise a claim if the vehicle arrives at your locality in an altered condition. This ensures that our services match with the excellent reputation AutoTransport.com has all around the continent as the best freight company.

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Infiniti M is a Japanese manufactured mid-size luxury car with various features attached to it. The Infiniti M line has three powertrains that one can choose from. The first engine, also called Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid is a V6 engine having a horsepower of 360. It has a seven-speed automatic transmission with a fuel capacity of 3.5 liters. The second one is a V8 engine having 420 horsepower and torque of 416-pound feet with a fuel capacity of 5.6 liters. The third one is a gas-powered V6 engine that has a 270 pound-feet torque and produces a horsepower of 330. It has a fuel capacity of 3.7liters. Depending on the model of the Infiniti M Line car, the price will range between $48,000 and $63,000 for the top-grade.

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For any Infiniti M delivery operation to be smooth and seamless vast planning must be done. Beginning from the point, you request us to ship your vehicle to handing it over; every step is to be covered precisely. Our goal is to provide every potential customer with a suitable vehicle transportation experience. AutoTransport.com has experienced logisticians who are committed to providing such services. We can guarantee the safety of your vehicle and timely delivery.

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