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Car manufacturers and dealers, most of the time, require transportation of Infiniti Genesis to the place of order. With the increase in online selling, they need an auto hauling company to make the deliveries timely. AutoTransport.com is a pro in the sector and will efficiently deliver the car to the clients. We have been handling the distribution of different models of vehicles for years; hence shipping this type of car is easy. We have all the resources, including a large fleet of trailers that are standby to ship the car at the placement of an order. With AutoTransport.com, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. We shall professionally handle the car.

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Infiniti Genesis manufactured in Korea by Hyundai Genesis Company is a five pass and a four-door full-sized luxury car. The 2016 model comes with a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.8 liters, which is efficient for daily driving. With horsepower of 311, it provides a steady and sufficient smooth acceleration with the engine remaining quiet and refined. The car has an option to configure either all-wheel or rear-drive using the eight-speed auto-clutch transmission. The vehicle also comes with an 8-inch touch screen and a standard rearview camera that assist during the navigation. Extra features include a Bluetooth system, push-button start, satellite radio, auto climate control, USB port, among others. They all ensure to provide an excellent driving experience to the user.

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In the various fields related to freight operations, AutoTransport.com has it all covered. Consider an area like logistics; we have qualified staff that effectively ensures your delivery is made on time. The team has refined routes all over the world where there are potential clients. These routes provide easy navigation within the cities enabling us to beat the set deadlines. Our agents are always on standby to provide clarifications on any inquiry that clients may have. Our experts will also determine the best method to ship the car, which will guarantee safety during the transportation process.

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