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All the client’s priorities in Lewiston city are catered for at Things such as ensuring proper standards of safety during transportation are well addressed. Some companies always have some hidden costs when claiming to offer an all-inclusive price estimate such as insurance covers. At, we are committed to providing transparent and seamless services to our esteemed customers at Lewiston city. We are the first vehicle transportation company for more than twenty years. We continue to offer reliable services to our clients in Lewiston city by delivering a shipment at clients’ best interests. 

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Ship a Car to Lewiston Quickly has, for years, made deliveries to Lewiston city and beyond. It is during these operations that we have expanded our client base, including the state of Idaho. Our car transportation services are available to our customers where they can reach our support team or any agent using the toll number. As a measure to gain more clients looking to transport their ordered vehicles, we have upgraded our website to be more user- friendly. By doing this, we have made our customer services more accessible hence increasing the efficiency of our company. We ensure all our drivers have the required documents, including licenses, to further provide you with better services.

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Lewiston city is currently the second-largest city in Idaho State with an estimated population of about 31,894, according to the 2010 census. The town enjoys various highways, including the U.S. 12, U.S. 95, and SH 128. In the northern part, the 10 miles U.S. 95 highway climbs 610m of Lewiston hill to Palouse, where it further joins with U.S. 195 highway. U.S 95 is a multi-lane approximately 11km that was constructed between 1995-1977 and yields a steep and straight descent to the east.


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