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Our car transportation company offers reliable car hauling services at affordable rates. We have been shipping vehicles for more than two decades now, during this period we have come up with strategies and techniques to help ship the Fiat 500 and other models of the car such as the electric Fiat 500e at our clients’ convenience. Autotransport.com has the resources and knows how to handle multiple shipping operations at a go; as such, we handle the transportation of the Fiat 500 L with precision. Car transport requires intricate planning and can be time-consuming, whether you are looking to transport a Fiat 500L or the Fiat 500X, autotransport.com handles the process so you can rest assured your delivery is in a trustworthy company.

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The Fiat 500 was the first model to introduce the Fiat brand in the country. Decades later, the Hatchback and the convertible production are now being discontinued in the US. Moreover, the electric-powered Fiat 500e and the Fiat 500 will be axed out of the market. The current 2019 models will see the brand enter mid-2020 but are not likely to enter 2021. The transportation of the Fiat 500 L and Fiat 500 X is expected to overtake that of its axed counterparts as the Fiat Corporation promises to continue the production of the Fiat 500 X and Fiat 500 L. The discontinuation comes for the declined sales in the US with only 1600000 units sold in 2019 compared to its initial year sale of 5000000 units.

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At autotransport.com we pride ourselves in the excellent customer delivery we have provided to our customers thus far, through the help of our support agents working round the clock to make each customer satisfied, we have come up with a services delivery system that’s unmatchable. With our fleet of trailers and carriers operating in different locations at record speeds shipping the Fiat 500 has never been easier. Call us today for any car transportation inquiries.

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