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We specialize in pick-up and delivery of various types of motorized vehicles. No matter your location, your car will be picked up by a professional driver and delivered to its final destination. Whether you are relocating a single vehicle or a complete fleet, you can count on our extensive and experienced driver pool to deliver your equipment in a timely, smooth and safe manner. Trust only the best for your Vermont truckaway services!

Drive-away services help to avoid personal inconveniences when you need to haul your vehicle but have no drivers. Any business that deals with motor vehicles can benefit greatly due to the timely essence of’s delivery services. Hire our drivers today, who work in teams of two to get your fleet of commercial buses, trucks or vans where it’s needed.

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As a trusted car driving company in Vermont, we value our customers and pride ourselves in providing professional, reliable and cost-effective services. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you hire for your drive away needs include:


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Are you looking for someone to drive your car to/from Vermont? Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Vermont area drive away or vehicle relocation needs. We provide truckaway service solutions for the following types
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We aspire to the safe delivery of all vehicle types as an initial and ultimate goal when conducting drive away operations in Vermont. Our expert crews of trusted drives have been extensively screened to high industry standards and carry professional qualifications plus insurance. takes full responsibility for the care of your vehicles while in transit from start to finish. offers decking services for trucks, vans or cab and chassis that are piggybacked according to regulation. Skillful truckaway teams handle this intricate process with excellent professionalism to save you money and time while reducing vehicle component wear. Give your vehicles for driveaway to a trustworthy partner that has been in the vehicle removal business for more than a decade.


We handle all shapes and sizes of motor vehicles, with permits available for the haulage of cement trucks, refrigerated trucks, and mobile homes. A free no obligations valuation will determine whether your fleet can be decked or piggybacked by specialist expert drivers, further saving time and money.


The name Vermont is French for ‘Green Mountain’ which is why the state is often called the Green Mountain State and is popular with skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers. This is also the home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who open their homemade ice cream shop at Burlington in 1978.

Our operations in Vermont are greatly improved by the state’s routes and highways that include;

·         I-89 enters Vermont from New Hampshire, past Sharon, Royalton, Brookfield and berlin to Montpelier where it veers northwest for Middlesex, Waterbury, Bolton, Richmond and Williston near Lake Champlain. From here the dynamic highway heads straight north along the lake’s shores to Swanton.

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Testimonials offered driveaway services as an alternative to putting my car on a trailer. The driveaway division was amazing. And they kept me up to date throughout! Thanks guys!

Jen G.
Transport Reviews Auto Transport Review

I called because I needed my truck moved to a relatives house. My agent suggested truckaway services as a cheaper alternative. Super happy with the results!

Kim B.
Google Reviews Auto Transport Review

I checked with other companies to move my jeep from Vermont to Colorado, but’s driveaway services gave me the most confidence. Delivered safely and on time!

John K. introduced me to Truckaway services when I needed to relocate my truck while moving. Dependable, reliable, and cheaper than a flatbed transport! Thanks!

Gregg B.
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