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AutoTransport.com treats your Dodge Journey with exceptional care, for we understand how much the car means to you. Our drivers are trained and experienced to handle your vehicle with at most consideration from the pick-up to the drop-off point. Our clients also have an opportunity to draft a claim whenever they notice the shipment was not delivered in good condition. This includes any damages and scratches on the vehicle. Following the right protocol, the client will have to fill some documents and provide certain information. After a thorough inspection and approval by our team, we shall resolve the predicament as soon as possible.

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Dodge Journey is a middle-sized SUV vehicle that is manufactured and distributed by FCA US LLC under the Dodge brand. The 2020 Dodge Journey model comprises of 2.4ltiter four-cylinder engine having a horsepower of 172. The engine contains a four-speed auto transmission that provides a lagging acceleration. The model has a gas mileage of 25mpg on the highway and 19mpg within a city. It has a soft suspension, which gives the vehicle a smooth ride on bumpy roads. Around the corner, the car experiences an excessive body lean and contains only front-wheel drive. With an affordable price starting from $23,245, one can be able to acquire the 2020 Dodge Journey car model.

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With the many years of being operational, AutoTransport.com has gathered vast resources to ship your car effectively. Our large fleet of trailers, which are upgraded continuously, will ensure that your vehicle is delivered on time. All across the world, where AutoTransport.com has made deliveries, we have refined the routes to ease our services further. Our qualified staff has located strategic points which have assisted in smooth navigation when making the deliveries. When you make AutoTransport.com your transportation partner, you can be sure of the cargo reaching the desired location safely and on time. Reach us today to begin your process of transporting your Dodge Journey car.

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