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AutoTransport.com has made successful Dodge Durango deliveries thanks to the extensive collection of trailers. Moreover, the trailers are always upgraded to increase their efficiency. Our agents provide the procedure to be used in shipping your Dodge Durango from the loading to the offloading. You shall be provided with details like the time when the delivery will arrive. The route which will be followed to your location is also stated. Our company offers outstanding Dodge Durango transportation services, both domestic and continental. We have survived the industry for more than twenty years through the commitment and dedication put in by our team.

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Dodge Durango is an SUV vehicle that is mid-size and manufactured by Dodge. The 2020 Durango is powered by a V6 engine that produces about 295 horsepower. Dodge Durango models have two V8 engine options to provide the rider with speed required. The first engine comes with a power of 475 and a fuel capacity of 6.4liters while the second engine offers 360 horsepower with 5.7lter fuel capacity. Both of these engines give the rider an excellent top-end passing speed. Regardless of the driver you chose, 8-speed auto transmission is present. This transmission offers a smooth and superior acceleration. The Dodge Durango 2020 model has the highest towing capacity. The vehicle can tow up to 6200lb when properly fixed with a V6 engine.

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AutoTransport.com has significantly invested in the carriers to ensure no delays are experienced due to any orders placed. As the leading freight company, we receive many requests to ship Dodge Durango vehicles from different parts of the world. Our capable team, together with the several trucks we can serve as many clients as possible as before. You don’t need to worry about late delivery. We have vast experience in shipping vehicles than any other company with more than two decades of being operational. We shall ship your Dodge Durango car at services you can afford and which have no hidden costs.

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