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Scranton, Pennsylvania. always makes sure to have the right paperwork before any dispatch in and out of the city. It is still a requirement in Scranton to have necessary documents such as insurance cover. This allows any freight operations company to conduct legal cargo transportation within the city. All these documents are made available at our company. The insurance cover protects your shipment against any damages that may be experienced during shipping. This guarantees the safety of your vehicle from when it is loaded to when the car is delivered. 

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At ensures that it has complete confidence and trust from its clients in Scranton. We always keep you in contact with the drivers who communicate about their location regularly. This allows you to know how the delivery is progressing. has also incorporated auto-tracking services used during transportation services. At your comfort zone, you will be able to keep track of the shipment as our team navigates through the city. In case of any query, one can be able to contact us using our toll-free number where necessary assistance will be provided.

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The city of Scranton has vast highways providing access to the downtown where most of our offices and stations are located. A major road in Scranton city is Interstate 81 which extends north to Binghamton and south to Harrisburg and Tennessee. Interstate 84 runs eastern direction to the New England States and Milford. Other highways include Interstate 380, Interstate 80 and Pennsylvania Turnpike. These roadways make it possible for our truck drivers to dock at several pick-ups and drop-offs points in the city. This enables us to bring your cargo to a location which is much closer to you.


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