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When you choose to ship your vehicle within or outside the town of Haverford, you have a chance to gain additional services. We offer all our clients away also to transport their luggage, which is not more than 100lbs. The luggage should be carefully placed inside the vehicle being transported. This service is always offered at no cost, and each client can have access to it., car shipping services, are reliable and come at an affordable fee. Before any cargo is dispatched, it is mandatory to perform an inspection to ensure that the ordered vehicle is indeed the one. 

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At, we provide clients from Haverford town to raise a claim after a delivery is made. The request is made when the client finds that the shipment is not in good condition. This includes any damage that might have been experienced during transportation. However, always puts strict measures to make sure these damages are minimal or null. You may simply file the claim by filling in some paperwork and producing some vital evidence. Evidence such as photos showing the condition of the vehicle before and after shipping is required. Once the claim is proved to be accurate by our experts, we shall step in to relieve the burden.

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Haverford is an unincorporated community situated in two counties, that is, Delaware and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. The town is about 4.8 km in the western direction of Philadelphia, with a population of 48,491 by 2010. With the several highways within or passing outside the city, making any delivery to Haverford is much more comfortable. Some of the significant roadways serving the city include U.S Route 30, Montgomery Avenue, Interstate 476, and Haverford Road.


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