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Transport a 2020 Porsche Panamera Sedan with the Experts

Natasha Post / January 2021



A client needed his 2020 Porsche Panamera sedan shipped from Newton Square, PA to Houston, TX. With a three day deadline, Chris had to start processing the shipment immediately. He acquired the right paperwork and fully insured the 2020 Porsche Panamera sedan.

After evaluating the car being shipped, Chris decided that an enclosed trailer would be suitable to ship the car. Before leaving office that day, Chris contacted one of our drivers in Newton Square, PA and told him to pick up the car early the following day.

Autotransport com has specialists and drivers all over the country. This makes our shipping services fast and reliable. We are able to pick up cars and deliver them within no time.

" This is important because a car that is not tightly secured can cause an accident. "

Convenient and Fast 2020 Porsche Panamera Sedan Car Shipping Services

Our team of dedicated specialists always ensure to use the most suitable trailers to ship our clients cars. had modern open and enclosed trailers.

Early the following morning, our driver was already at the pick up location loading the car. When Chris got to the office, he immediately dispatched the shipment. With years of experience, our driver knew that I-59 S was the best route to take. Our drivers always know the most convenient routes to take having shipped cars all over the country for years.

He was cautious not to overspeed. After some miles, he would stop and tighten the car’s straps. This is important because a car that is not tightly secured can cause an accident.

Shipping a 2020 Porsche Panamera Sedan at Affordable Rates

When darkness caught up with our driver, he parked and spent a night in a hotel. Early the following day, he resumed with the journey. He was eventually at the address where he was to deliver the car.

He carefully unloaded it and the owner was happy the car was in the same condition we had picked it up in. He left us a positive review appreciating our affordable car shipping services and professionalism. To ship a car, call us today at (800) 757-7125.

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Transport Specialist

Chris Kyle

Chris, a veteran Marine, is an exceptional asset to the team. He specializes in moving all freight, including standard and oversize loads. His time in the military taught him to be professional, honest, and to provide the best service available. He’s here day or night to make sure his clients have a quality shipping experience. Thank you for your service, Chris! 

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