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Efficient 2017 GEM E6 Golf Cart Coupe Shipping Services

Natasha Post / July 2020



Jason had to transport the 2017 GEM E6 golf cart coupe from Chino, CA, to Duarte, CA, in one day. As a specialist in the automobile transportation niche, Jason understood that the earlier the transport operation commences, the better. As a car shipping coordinator, Jason has a different concept of mornings and evenings.

While most coordinators retire at 6 pm and start their mornings at 7 am, Jason prefers the odd hours to get the car shipment done. When loading the 2017 GEM E6 golf cart coupe, he preferred to use the I-210 W instead of the I-10 W, which would take 20 minutes longer.

Fast 2017 GEM E6 Golf Cart Coupe Car Shipping Services

With the flatbed trailer ready, Jason made last-minute checks and loaded the vehicle for shipping. The standard pre-checks were carried out, and the vehicle dispatched. Along the way, Jason made integrity checks to ensure the setup was in good condition. After one hour, Jason had arrived at the clients' preferred location. The client had prepared a wooden offloading area.

Thanks to his years of experience, Jason understood that the 2017 GEM E6 golf cart coupe had a gross weight of less than 3000 pounds and could be safely unloaded on the wooden platform.

" We take pride in the successful car shipments we have made in the past. "

Shipping 2017 GEM E6 Golf Cart Coupe Countrywide at Affordable rates with

We reduce the cost of mobility, which allows us to offer low car shipping rates and use efficient car shipping methods. Our state of the art trailers and carriers are fitted with technological features that allow us to provide efficient services.

With the resources we have accumulated over the years, the cost of acquiring new equipment used in shipping is reduced and thus our low car shipping rates. We take pride in the successful car shipments we have made in the past.

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