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Natasha Post / January 2021


LinkedIn, we have many requests coming from clients in Tennessee looking to transport their fire trucks to different locations. We have been shipping vehicles in different regions in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

When the request came in to handle the transportation of a fire truck from Knoxville, TN to Newark, Delaware, Fox was on standby and began processing the order immediately. We have a wide range of truck transportation services. All our operations are carried out by a team of trained specialists.

Fast Fire Truck Transport Services in the US, Canada and Mexico With

We must plan every aspect of the shipping operation before dispatch. We obtain all the relevant insurance covers before the actual shipping operation. We have been transporting fire trucks to different locations in our many years of operation.

When the shipping request was ready to load, the clients were informed, and the estimated time of arrival was provided. With the help of our agents, all the essential information pertaining to the transportation of the car is related to our clients. has been at the forefront of vehicle transportation in the continent.
We have handled a wide range of fire trucks in the past. With six different types of fire trucks available in the niche, we regularly update our services to accommodate each. We have a team of experts and specialists working to make the transportation of all different fire trucks a reality. From platform fire fighting trucks to trailer trucks, we handle each operation to its full extent.

" Fox received an update in the change of the firefighting truck drop off location. " Logistical Specialists Transporting Fire Trucks At Flexible Schedules

When Fox started the preparations to ship the firefighting truck, he regularly checked in with the agents to see if there were any updates from the client in Newark. Once the truck was on the road, the flatbed trailers were chosen by Fox, and his team of associates made several stops to check the condition of the firefighting truck.

Fox received an update in the change of the firefighting truck drop off location. Thanks to our flexibility acquired when transporting Fire Trucks to Newark, the route was quickly changed and the delivery made on time.

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