The Daily Transport: Offers 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe Car Shipping Services

Natasha Post / April 2021


red mercedes gt coupe on trailer for car shipping

Hal Foster received a call from a car dealer to help them ship a 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe from Greenville, SC to a client in Mt Pleasant, SC. The deadline to ship the car was the following day. Hal decided to process the shipment the very day despite the pick up being done the following day. He acquired the right paperwork and fully insured the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe before leaving the office.

He also decided that a hot shot trailer would be the most suitable to ship the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe. The following day he called one of our drivers in Greenville, SC and told him where he was to pick up the car. He carefully loaded the car and tightly strapped it on the trailer. After confirming everything had been done well, Hal Foster dispatched the shipment.

" Any cars he needs to deliver after clients have bought them, he always uses our services. "

Reliable 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe Car Shipping Services

Hal Foster advised our driver to use route I-26 E to Mt Pleasant, SC. Along the way, he made regular stops to confirm that the car was in good position and also tightened the straps., we take care of our client’s vehicles and we always want to deliver them on time and safely. After 3 and a half hours. Our driver was already at the client’s address. The shipment was fast as there was no traffic along the way. He carefully offloaded the car and parked it in our clients garage.

Our drivers are highly trained on loading and unloading vehicles. They always ensure there aren't any accidents or bruises. When our driver notified Hal Foster, he immediately called the car dealer and told him the vehicle had been safely delivered.

Affordable 2020 Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe Car Transport

Having used our services many times before, he didn’t doubt us. We’ve always helped him ship cars on time and safely. Any cars he needs to deliver after clients have bought them, he always uses our services. is a convenient and efficient car shipping company. Our services are affordable and easily available. To ship a car with us, call us through (800) 757-7125.

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