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We deliver both single and multiple cars to our clients in Salina city. Our services are budgeted, and we provide you with affordable fees for our operations. Consider an open carrier service where we transport your vehicle in an open trailer making the cargo exposed. Even though some elements such as dust may enter the car, the unloading process is more comfortable. This saves the overall delivery time. We have a professional team of handlers who make sure they deliver your shipment with no damages at all. We employ several carrier networks which further ensure your cargo is delivered before the set deadline. 


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As a measure to provide you with the most satisfactory shipping services, we make use of modern transportation trucks; both open and enclosed carriers. We inspect to the end the loading of your shipment with much care and precision. We ensure safe and orderly packaging of your vehicle, whether multiple or single. We prefer to load your cargo into shipping containers before transporting them as it is the most reliable way to ship them to your location. Some shipments, however, especially overseas, may take days or a few weeks to arrive. Our shipping rates are flexible and vary depending on travel distance and the weight of the shipment.

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Salina city is located at the central part of Salina County, Kansas. During the 2010 census, the population of the city was estimated at 47,707. It enjoys a vast connection of roadways within the town. Interstate 70 and U.S. Route 40 are highways starting from the east to the west north of Salina. Interstate 135 and U.S. Route 81 run from north to south in the west of the city.


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