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Kent, Washington. handles in-state and out-states car shipping in Washington at a rate you can comfortably afford. To effectively make each shipping process a success, our team of experts in logistics works effortlessly to make it possible. Depending on the model of your vehicle, our team of qualified logisticians determines the best way to transport your cargo. We have all the required resources to execute the shipping operations most satisfyingly. offers all clients in Kent city a chance to ship their vehicles to the desired destination. Regardless of the shipping distance, our experienced truck drivers with well-refined routes will ensure your shipment arrives at your location on time. 

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With the advancing technology in the freight industry, has ensured not to lag. Our trailers have been equipped with new technological features increasing their efficiency. These features include a tracking technology which helps us in offering auto-tracking services to our clients in Kent. Our website has also been kept up to date to ensure we ease the accessibility of our services. With one single click away, customers can place their order at in a more convenient way. You can also call us using the free-toll number to get guidance on how you can ship your car at any point in Kent City.

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Several highways and freeways are located inside or near the city of Kent. These highways include Interstate 5, State Route 18, State Route 99 and State Route 167. Kent is a city positioned at the county of King in Washington State. It is considered as part of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area with a population of 92,440 according to the 2010 April census. provides affordable vehicle shipping services to all its clients in the city.


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