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We ship vehicles for different clients in and out of Garden city depending on the order placed. Our customers range from dealers, manufacturers, corporations and government agencies. We have the experience and resources to efficiently move your car from any location in the city to the desired destination. services are professional based, and our agents will make sure to serve you right. Whether you need to ship a fleet of cars or a single vehicle, we will provide you with extensive services to ensure the shipment reaches on time and safely. Contact us at to place your order today. 


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At, our number one priority is to serve every client in a transparent and trustworthy way. We ensure to provide you with the highest level of confidence in our services. We have moved several cars to Garden city for a while enough to promise a delivery that will satisfy you. We have combined into our services communication channels that enable the support team to remain in touch with agents in the field continually. This will ensure any critical information concerned with the shipping process is passed to the agents on time. At, your priorities are our task.

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Several highways serve Garden city. At the southern region of the city, U.S Route 83 travelling from north-south meets two east-west roads; U.S Route 50 and U.S Route 400. From the intersection, business route U.S 50 continues to the west of the city. At the northern and eastern fringe, three highways, i.e. U.S 50, U.S 83 and U.S 400 run simultaneously. After splitting from the main highway, U.S. 83 enters the city’s downtown as the Main Street.


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