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No matter how out of this world your vehicle might be for shipping, or even if it’s not operational, we have over a decade of car hauling experience to tap from for a safe delivery guarantee. A route survey is part of your free quote, and specialists will look at the quickest and safest highways to travel for your Apple Valley, Minnesota car consignments. 


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Ship a Car to Minnesota Safely will perform a visual inspection of your planned route to determine troublesome road obstructions that may hinder your projected delivery schedule. Located in the northwest of Minnesota State, Apple Valley is a city in Dakota County and the US’s 17th best place to enter. a suburb of the twin cities, Apple Valley is Minnesota’s 18th largest city and was originally called Lebanon Township. A long-suffering farming community made Apple Valley home for nearly 100 years from the 1850s until farmland began to be replaced by residential developments in the mid-1950s. The city’s first four houses were built by Brobacks, on a half-mile stretch of present cedar avenue and county road 42. One of the house buyers, a major developer himself used a contracting firm located in Apple Valley, California and therefore selected the name for this new town. We may have to do last-minute rerouting to circumnavigate trouble spots on motorways for deliveries or pick-ups in Apple Valley, Minnesota.


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Our efforts for convenience pickups and deliveries in Apple Valley are made easier by the highways we operate on to bring car cargoes to your door. There are three main routes into Apple Valley that our vehicle transporters use, including the vibrant I-35E. Competent rig operators know how to navigate through county route 42 into county road 23 which is Cedar Avenue while briefly driving on highway 77 to access the northern Apple Valley.



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