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We understand that many variables determine the delivery and pick up time for a vehicle in Taylor. Factors such as weather, traffic, and accidents could affect the arrival of the shipment or the trailer assigned with the pick-up. Nonetheless, we strive to make our pick-ups and drop-offs as precise as possible. This is achieved by a team of logistics coordinators who keep track of all the elements that might affect the shipping operation. On top of that, our coordinators take safety precautions measures such as obtaining the right permits within Taylor and proof of insurance. Other safety measures we undertake include carrying out regular checks during the shipping operation and making a pre-check before the journey to Taylor or any other city starts. 


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We have been shipping vehicles to different states during our years of operation, and Taylor, Michigan, is one of the cities where our trailers and carriers operate. Using our exceptional planning and coordination, we have managed to navigate through Taylor, Michigan, and made successful deliveries. provides an accessible platform for clients looking to ship their vehicles to Taylor, Michigan. Our services range from the transportation of unique high-end vehicles to the transport of heavy machinery. We pride ourselves on the impressive positive client feedback we have received. We strive to make our clients happy by providing consistent, seamless services.


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I-75 runs through the southwest part of the city. US-24 a Telegraph Road crosses from North to South and passes through the central business district. Other main roads include the Eureka Road, which acts as an essential east-west connection. The Godard Road also connects the east-west and passes through the city center. Taylor town was named to honor Zachary Taylor, who was a military hero. Three American presidents have visited the city. I-94 connects the eastern and western parts of the country and passes through Ecorse Roads and Van Born.



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