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Our team of experts handling logistics have come up with unique operation plans to and from Sterling Heights. Delivering vehicles is what we do, but customer satisfaction is our specialty. Our dedicated consultants and agents spread-out throughout Sterling Heights provide all the relevant information about our services and keep our clients up to date on the services we offer. Thanks to our staff working behind the scenes working to keep us on top of our game, we provide updates to our clients regularly using our website. Clients can access all the vehicle’s transportation services under one roof. 


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Among the many cities in Michigan, provides vehicle transportation services in Sterling Heights. We have a great team of trailers and equipment strategically position in Sterling Heights for automotive transportation. We also work with dealerships and auctioneers looking forward to transporting their vehicles inside or outside Sterling Heights. With most manufacturers targeting the Michigan state, we have been working closely with private individuals within Sterling Heights to make the deliveries a success. Our services and reliable, safe, and efficient, so our clients can have a hassle-free vehicle delivery experience. provides a toll-free number where clients can call and get a free quote.


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The M-53, also referred to as the Van Dyke Freeway splits the city at 0.8 KM distance before rejoining at the far northern end of the city. The roadway then leads to Thumb. The other major roadway in Sterling, Michigan, providing vehicle transportation access to, is the M-59, also referred to as the Hall Road. The M-59 links the Eastern and Western parts of the city, from Mount Clemens to Utica. The transition from a surface road to an access freeway as it enters Pontiac, Michigan, has made it a suitable for vehicle transportation.



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