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Romulus, Michigan. been shipping vehicles to different parts of the country, including Romulus in our many years of operation. Through these shipments, we have accumulated resources and equipment. Moreover, the experience acquired by our team of trained logistics coordinators and drivers has helped us stand out as the leading car transportation service provider in the country. When hiring a car transport service in Romulus, there are many factors to consider. At first, it may seem daunting but one of the first indicators guiding a client’s decision should be the feedback left behind by other customers. Our constantly updated website allows us to keep track of the clients’ feedback. The feedback is then used to improve the quality of our services. 


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Romulus, Michigan is one of the many cities in Michigan where our trailer has shipped vehicles. We have been striving to make our services not only affordable but accessible. Courtesy of our multiple flexible quotes and agents spread throughout the county we have actualized these goals. As we continue to fine-tune our services, we are utilizing a team of consultants and agents to guide our clients in their shipment requests. We believe that it takes constant communication to make each shipment successful. As such, we always keep an open channel where clients can make inquiries.


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Situated in Wayne County, the City of Romulus, Michigan has a population of approximately 22,000. Romulus has an area of 35.90 sq. miles which make it the eighth-largest city in the State. Romulus is situated in the Central part of Wayne County. The major roadways passing through the city are I 94 and I-275. is the leading car transportation provider in the country extending our services as far as Romulus, Michigan.



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