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For a transportation company to make it in the freight industry, there has to be client-company communication. has gone the extra mile and incorporated communication channels in our fleet of carriers and trailers. Using these channels, drivers and logistics coordinators can communicate on the progress of the shipment to and from Kentwood. Once the driver and the driver are on the same page, our support team relays the necessary information about the shipment to the client. Moreover, the communication system helps the driver and the pilot vehicle when faced with problematic areas of the journey to Kentwood. Our job is to make sure each request has been processed and delivered on time and securely. 


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We have delivered several vehicles to Kentwood, Michigan. From unique cars to ordinary cars, we have what it takes to make each shipping operation a success. Kentwood has been logged onto our database as one of the cities in Michigan with a lesser traffic volume. Using this information, whether the vehicles to be delivered are bound for Kentwood or passing through the city as they head to other states, we have been able to note the least problematic areas in the city. Behind each operation is a team of experts ranging from logistical coordinators to expert drivers.


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Kentwood had a population of approximately 48000 people as of 2010 when the last national census was conducted. The city has a total area of 20.95 sq. Miles. Out of the area, 99.9 % is land, while the remaining is water. Kentwood lies between Grand Rapids and Wyoming to the west. Cascade Town borders the eastern side of the city, and further southeast Gaines Town borders Kentwood, Michigan.



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