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There are several ways to transport a car to Inkster. One could choose to drive it, or they could hire a trailer load up the vehicle, acquire the right permits and license, transport the vehicle over hundreds of miles, offload the car, and finally perform the checks after unloading. While driving the car seems like the more natural way out, auto dealerships and manufacturers cannot afford the option. Once a vehicle is driven, it depreciates. Luckily, is here to help in car transportation to any location in the country. Including Inkster. Give us a call through our toll-free number today. 


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Inkster, Michigan is one of the many cities that our carriers operate. From the delivery of unique cars to the transportation of regular vehicles from dealerships and manufacturers, our commercial open and enclosed trailers have always risen to the task. We offer our relentless services to most cities in Michigan. All this is made possible thanks to our team of committed staff working behind the scenes to keep each client satisfied. has been operating in the freight industry for a long time now. Our skillset has gone to making each delivery smooth, and our positive client feedback proves we are the best car transportation service in the industry.


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Inkster City is situated in Wayne County in the state of Michigan. The population stands at 25,000 with an area of 6.20 sq. Miles. has operated in the city long enough to get a blueprint of the essential routes in the state. Using this information, we have been able to beat the strictest deadlines and avoid traffic hold-ups. I-95 is the major freeway crossing the northwestern part of the city.



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