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Grand Rapids, Michigan. has been in the freight industry for more than two decades. In these years, we have perfected the transportation craft and managed to make deliveries in Grand Rapids, Michigan, repeatedly. Thanks to our extensive client base, we have shipped different types of vehicles in and out of the Grand Rapids, so much so, that we have the outlay of the most suitable routes to use in Grand Rapids are at our fingertips. At, safety has always been our number one priority. From obtaining the relevant insurance documents to the use of state permits, we do not take anything to chance. We pride ourselves on our impressive customer satisfaction record and reliability. 


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Ship a Car to Michigan Safely has dealers and agents working closely with us to make each delivery with ease. Grand Rapids, Michigan, is not an exception. Our team of experts has come up with the best routes and weather updates that help us navigate through the Grand Rapids smoothly during vehicle deliveries. A culmination of trust and consistency has allowed us to become the leading vehicle transportation service in Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Auto Transport Planning has a team of experts working behind the scenes to make sure our drivers on the road get live traffic updates as they navigate through Grand Rapids, Michigan. Running from the Northern to the Northeastern part of the city, the I-96 is the main road serving the second largest city in Michigan. I-96 links the Lansing and Detroit. I-196 locally referred to as the George R. Ford Freeway serves the Grand Rapids and the I-94 Benton Township.



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