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Flint, Michigan. is a car transportation company that handles the shipment of vehicles in and out of Flint, different states and in-state car transportation. To help us make each operation successful is a team of logistical experts and clients who work round the clock to prepare and see the process through. All our resources are available for the shipping operation on request. Once the clients have confirmed their order, our drivers work closely with a team of logistical experts to determine the best way to ship the vehicle to Flint, Michigan. Flint is one of the cities offers delivery services. We offer our unbiased services to all clients by assigning a team of consultants to handle all inquiries made by prospective clients. 


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We have been transporting vehicles across the country since time immemorial. The miles we have logged on the road carrying the cars including in Flint, Michigan, have helped us fine-tune our services. As we continue to delve further into the age of technology, has made the initiative to make each trailer fully equipped with the necessary technological features. The planning of routes to use when delivering shipments in Flint, Michigan, has never been easier thanks to our culminated experience and expert logistics team. Clients can receive multiple free quotes detailing the services we offer from our active agents.


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I-69 connects the Eastern and Western parts of Flint while the US 23 connects the Northern and Southern parts of the city. The US 2 passes through the Southwestern part of the city close to the General Motors assembly plant; one of the stops makes when operating in Flint, Michigan. The road runs further southwest to the Bishop International Airport. At the airport, deliveries for vehicles being shipped abroad and those incoming are picked up and loaded. M-21 referred to as the Corunna Road runs almost east to west of Flint



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