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After evaluating the various routes used during our many years of operation, we have come up with well-placed routes to help us navigate Farmington Hills, the remotest parts of the country and the densest urban concrete jungles. It’s our job to provide car transportation services at an affordable rate and on time within Farmington Hills. The transportation process is sophisticated and requires expertise and years of training to make a shipment across the states possible. Thanks to our team of experts working closely with our clients, transportation of vehicles to Farmington Hills, Michigan, like many other cities, has never been more accessible 


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From the first delivery made by to Farmington, Michigan, to date, we have been logging the miles covered and the routes used during each vehicle shipment into Farmington. There is an infinite number of auto dealerships in the country looking to get their car delivered to their customers; that’s where we come in. The data gathered has been used to come up with the most efficient and fuel-saving routes achievable. A team of expert logistics coordinators has achieved all this. We have, over the years, perfected the car transportation operation and now, as new technological trends roll into the niche, we are ready to increase our efficiency to our customers.


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Farmington, Michigan, is the second-largest city in Oakland County. The Suburban mobility authority governs transportation through the city. Before making any shipments, makes an effort to obtain all the relevant permits to avoid any friction with the law. The major roadways through the city are M-5, also known as Orchard road, the 8 mile and the 12-mile northwestern freeways, and I-696. All these highways are in the database and are evaluated depending on the traffic and weather patterns.



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