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Auburn Hills, Michigan. understands that the transportation of vehicles works on schedules. Therefore, when requests are made by our clients to help them transport their vehicles, our agents respond to the requests immediately. The effort made by agents and team logistics coordinator has put us on top of the freight industry and allowed us to expand our client base in Auburn Hills. By doing so, we have made our services accessible to clients throughout the country and Auburn Hills, Michigan is no different. There are numerous dealerships and manufacturers distributed across the country. These dealerships and manufactures require transportation means to ship their vehicles to their customers. That’s where comes in. We are a team of experts with years of experience in the transportation of cars. 


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Our trailers and trucks have been operating in Auburn, Michigan to deliver and pick up vehicles in our years of operation. Thanks to our extensive client base and a team of logistics coordinators, we have acquired information over the years to help us make the transportation successful. Due to the increasing change in technology, we have made all the possible effort to keep our services up to date. From our state of the art website to the technological features fitted into our trailers, we have what it takes to transport cars to Auburn, Michigan.


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Auburn Hills is situated in Oakland County. The population of the city stood at 21,000 as of the last 2010 census conducted but the United States Census Bureau. With an area of 16.64 sq. Miles, the town comprises of households for families. We have select dealerships and agents working closely with our staff in Auburn, Michigan, for all vehicle shipment needs. I-75 is the major highway traversing the southeastern part of the city.



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