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Autotransport.com has been in the car shipping industry for more than two decades. During this period, we have made our services efficient by keeping up with the most recent updates in the car shipping industry. All our services are offered to clients at reliable and competitive rates. When clients come to us looking to transport their Mazda 6, we offer them free multiple quotes so they can select from a wide range of packages. Our specialists and agents guide the client on the best services that suit their Mazda 6. Our operations run smoothly from start to finish. When the car is close to the drop off point, we inform the client so that they can prepare for the offloading operation.

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The shipping of cars requires precision and adequate planning; that’s why we delegate a team of highly-trained specialists to handle the operation. From the obtaining of the right documents to the insurance cover provided for the car and the driver, we ensure the car shipment gets to its destination on time. As the leading car shipping service provider, we pride ourselves on the successful Mazda 6 shipments we have made in the past. Whether it’s an interstate transportation request, coast to coast shipping service, or an intrastate operation, we delegate highly-trained specialists to handle the transportation operation.

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Mazda 6, also known as the Mazda Atenza in Japan and China after the Italian word Attenzione is a compact car produced by Mazda from 2002. Mazda 6 was built to replace the Capella/626 from the market. The car had a remarkable sales record and attracted more consumers than any of the other previous Mazda car models. The car was a first for the Mazda “Stylish, Insightful and Spirited” philosophy. Later, in December the same year, the Mazda 2 followed as part of the same philosophy. The RX-6 followed in August 2003 and finally the Mazda 3. The 2018 model was the third generation of the Mazda 6 and had a four-door sedan and five-door wagon variations.

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