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We handle the transportation of the Maserati Merek with expertise and precision. We offer Maserati Merek car transportation so our clients can go about their businesses stress-free. Apart from the overall sales, the vehicle has become so popular that autotransport.com has become accustomed to the standard procedures undertaken during the shipping operation. Our fleet of trailers is fitted with the best features in the industry to help make each car transport endeavor a success. We have been in the car transport industry for more than two decades; during this period, we have amassed enough resources and experience to make the transportation of cars to different locations easy and smooth. Whether it’s single-vehicle transportation or multiple vehicle transportation, our team of drivers and logistical experts have always seen the deliveries through successfully.

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The Maserati Merak was introduced in the market in 1972. The car has been compared to the Maserati Bora. Only the Maserati Merek was lighter and contained entirely different coachwork. The three-liter, V6, quad-cam motor of the Maserati Bora, was replaced by a V8 engine when the Maserati Merek was rolled into the market. Aesthetically, the Maserati Merek had the upper hand, thanks to the open buttress feature. Unlike the Bora, the Maserati Merek had a smaller engine, which made it possible to fit two extra seats at the back of the car. The back seats had a small space and are often suitable for children.

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Shipping the Maserati Merek is easy, thanks to our reliable services. Our team of experts has been curating our Maserati Merek transport services to make each step of the operation customized for different clients. We have been establishing a network of affiliates across the country that help us make vehicle transport easier and efficient. Through the continued collaboration with these affiliates, we can make Maserati Merek shipping operations to the remotest parts of the country. Call us today, and one of our agents will be on standby to process your Maserati Merek shipment.

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  Fantastic experience with the auto transport team when shipping my maserati. I have a Grandturismo and they were very careful with the entire process and provided an enclosed trailer for both of the moves. 

Nathalie M.
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   Never thought that I would have to ship my car across the world when I sold it, but luckily Roger was able to explain everything to me in a clear manner and I felt comfortable enough to move my Maserati with him to the buyer. Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Alejandro A.
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  I would rate this company more than five stars if I could. Everything from the customer service to the actual delivery of my Maserati was spot on. The team at autotransport.com was just excellent and very impressive, I will be using them for all of my future moves.

George S.
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