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Our dedicated staff pools more than two decades’ worth of experience when handling your Pontiac 1000 car for transport. Route plans and schedules also accompany the relevant permits for large fleets of Pontiac 1000 vehicle carrier cargoes. The AutoTransport.com Pontiac 1000 transport crews are expertly responsible for your shipment and will find the shortest delivery time for these loads. Our logistics supervisors at AutoTransport.com will assist with any required permits while mitigating any challenges with comprehensive route plans.

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Rebranded the Chevrolet Chevette, the Pontiac 1000 is a front-engine, rear-drive subcompact manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet for model years 1976 to 1987 as a three-door or five-door hatchback. Introduced in1975, the Chevette superseded the Vega as Chevrolet’s entry-level subcompact and sold 2.8 million units over 12 years for which we have shipped many at AutoTransport.com. A Pontiac 1000 variant, the Chevette was the best-selling small car in the U.S. for model years 1979 and 1980. The technical aspects of the Chevette employed General Motors’ global T platform, and worldwide, GM manufactured and marketed more than 7 million T-cars. These were rebadged variants using the T platform, including the Pontiac Acadian in Canada. The Pontiac T1000, Pontiac 1000 in the United States while a T-car variant remained in production within South America through 1998, some of which we are still moving today. Introduced on a full-color nationwide campaign in 150 of the country’s most extensive daily papers, the New York Times said this little American car holds its own with the foreign varieties. Looking back on the Chevette in 2011, the same publication called the Chevette haphazardly made, sparsely trimmed and underpowered.


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Cross country haulages of Pontiac 1000, whether private or otherwise, will involve specially fitted car carrier trailers. These are such that they safely handle Pontiac 1000vehicle shipping specifications to facilitate smoother transport. Our logisticians perform a valuation that pays attention to the details of your Pontiac 1000automobile for shipping AutoTransport.com representatives are available now to set a schedule and provide you with a communications code that links your VW car cargo with you all the way.

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  Fantastic experience with the auto transport team when shipping my Pontiac. I have a Firebird Classic and they were very careful with the entire process and provided an enclosed trailer for both of the moves. 

Kenny R.
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   Never thought that I would have to ship my car across the world when I sold it, but luckily Roger was able to explain everything to me in a clear manner and I felt comfortable enough to move my Pontiac G2 with him to the buyer. Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Diana B.
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  I would rate this company more than five stars if I could. Everything from the customer service to the actual delivery of my Grand AM Pontaic was spot on. The team at autotransport.com was just excellent and very impressive, I will be using them for all of my future moves.

Ronald G.
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