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At Auto transport we are spread all over the country. We have major terminals where we can drop off our clients vehicles on their command or deliver them at their door steps. We have a team of very competent and deserving coordinators from all our major bases. With cooperation with our clients our team of experts exerts admirable services. We have been known to not only listen to our customers suggestions but also implement them ensuring an unbreakable bond between our customers and ourselves. Time and again we have been hired by our clients to deliver their convertible, closed, single and multiple cars to the destinations of their request. We take pleasure in pursuing our clients endeavors all around the country and outside.

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The Lexus LS is a full-size car which has been in production for slightly more than three decades now. Its evolution has surpassed other models of the Toyota, Lexus, it has been moderated up to the fifth generation now. The latest version was produced in 2017 with highly upgraded services. The LS 500 is powered by a V6 engine carrying 3.4 liters producing 415 horsepower. The car’s transmission is 10-speed automatic. The car has uplifted its features to keep the users entertained and safe. It has a rear-wheel-drive, a front-engine, all-wheel-drive and a front-engine layout.

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Our resources are disposed fully to our clients when shipping their luxurious Lexus LS to their homes, offices and showrooms. We have very polished car handlers loading our clients cars onto our trailers and making routine inspections on the cars at various stops on the way. We accord the lavish Lexus LS all the due attention and precision required when handling it. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the services we offer. Once we deliver our clients cars, we make sure to enquire about the level of our satisfaction and then take our pay. We have been receiving very reassuring feedbacks so far. Call us today.

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