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At autotransport.com we are dedicated to unburden our clients off the stress of car shipping. We consider ourselves intertwined with our clients in that each step we undertake during the car shipping process we take affects our customers a great deal. We therefore work strategically and tactically to ensure our clients receive their cars on time and in perfect condition. Our resources are deployed unlimitedly to see through a satisfying shipping and delivery of our clients car. Our team of experts load the car onto the suitable trailers after our clients car measurements are recorded using the best machinery there is and the same case happens when offloading. The processes in between the departure and arrival are also pampered in the same intensity.

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The Lexus GS is a four-door executive car Sedan. The car has evolved from one decent to the next and is now on its fourth generation. The latest version of the car has been produced in two variants. This is from 2011 to 2015 on its first variant and 2015 August to the present date on its second variant. The latter being the GS 200t with a turbocharged 2.0-litre 8AR-FTS engine replacing the 250 GS to an upgraded V6 3.0-litre 2GR-FKS precisely. It also has new elements put in place to include the exterior lighting, rear and front trim, rocker panels and revised safety measures.

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At autotransport.com we are always at a quest of making it as easy as possible for our clients transporting the Lexus GS. Once our clients hire us for their shipping process which is conveniently done by a click of a button, we form an unbreakable merge. Immediately, our experienced and swift experts take it upon themselves to understand all the routes and all transport related information on the passages to our clients destinations. We also use knowledge from our previous escapades to enable a successful shipping process. Our clients can link with us on our website anytime and leave their feedback or call us on our toll-free number.

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